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Mappack for Chase finished - Stadium cups starting soon!

ρolar.sbv 

The mapping competition organised by Mania Exchange and Paragon League has come to an end, and the panel of judges has decided the maps that will be played in the official Paragon League Chase Cups. The mappack is as follows:

AlternativeCurrent by dMw-AC
Wicked Game by sorrowcroatia
Ententeich by waldfee
Blank by mdpoint-xT
Democratized by
tWister by Ze-Rax
Inter.mittent by AR »rex.race
Impulse by AlexUSA
Aluckylucky by laxx

You can download the whole mappack here.

The first cup with the new mappack will be on Wednesday, 4th November at 20:00 CET, and the next ones will be at the same time every week. For the first cups, Paragon League will be giving out 105€ every week, and it will be shared with the 3 best teams:

1st place: 60€
2nd place: 30€
3rd place: 15€

Registration for the cups will be open a week before the cup starts. Anyone can participate - you just need a team of three players! You can see the page for the first cup here, including rules and more information: