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Secondary Cups!

Λtría Astronaut |

On this week's Saturday, Paragon League will bring something new for the competing community - the secondary cups! The idea is fairly simple: As soon as there is only a certain amount of teams left in the cup, the teams that already dropped out can participate in an optional cup to fight for Planets. So if your team doesn't quite match up against the best lineups yet, you don't have to end your evening early if you drop out from the main cup.

The secondary cups will begin with the Elite cup on Saturday. A team can only participate in the secondary cup if they participated in the games in the main cup. You don't have to participate after the main cup if you don't want to, but we'd like to see as many teams as possible coming to fight for a second time! The whole system is automatic, so you don't have to do sign up for the second cup. More information will be available on Saturday.

See you all in the Elite cup!