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The Christmas League

Savage! HYPE

Paragon League will host a new League this winter from 17.11. to 22.12. with a prize money of 1000€! It will consist of weekly cups on every Thursday.

The League will be played in multiple gamemodes. Your task is to form a community that you compete with in the cups. Within the community, you will have three subteams that you can participate to the cups with. You can participate with 3 subteams for 2v2 combo, 2 subteams for the 3v3 modes and 1 subteam for the 5v5 mode. A community can have 10 members maximum, and you can't leave a community once it enters The League, so choose your members wisely! You can create your community by visiting your team page and clicking on "Community".

The full schedule and the gamemodes are as follows:

17.11.: BattlePro
24.11.: Speedball
01.12.: Heroes
08.12.: Siege
15.12.: Jailbreak
22.12.: Combo

In every cup, each subteams gains points for the community. The more subteams play a cup the more points your community will get. The 6 communities with the most points at the end of The Christmas league will win money. The prizes will be distributed:

1st Place: 400€
2nd Place: 250€
3rd Place: 150€
4th Place: 100€
5th Place: 50€
6th Place: 50€

You can sign up for The League from your community page - you can create one here. For the mappacks and general rules of Paragon League Cups, visit these links: Rules - Mappacks

To decide whether Siege will be played 5v5 or 3v3, we also host two Siege Cups on the Thursday before the Christmas League starts. The 5v5 Siege Cup at 03.11. and the 3v3 Siege Cup at 10.11. Vote for the version you prefer here.

May the best community win - welcome to The Christmas League!