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BamakoBanboula Creator
2night Minoob° Admin
Re.Xted Kaaris 27 27 Player
Re.Xted WhizzRECRUTE Player
orKsGP Volt Player
®SHTN Player
Astiii Player

Paragon Elite Cup #34 Place: 13

Cup Info
Parliament II vs Re.Xted 1 : 0
Re.Xted vs -- Freewin
Re.Xted vs <VEX> 1 : 0
::FEAR:: vs Re.Xted 1 : 0
J'vous baise tous joined the Team
Astiii joined the Team
Re.Xted received 13th Place in the Paragon Elite Cup #34
Re.Xted Whizz! CUP joined the Team
Re.Xted Kaaris 27 27 joined the Team
Mino gained the Admin status by Creator Re.Xted IмҾӃ0*
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