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Astra Sparky~ Creator
Λtria ĸhαss' Player
Urαniuм. Xydyd! Player
milaa* Player
WAiZE arf left the Team
Team.TT 【 】Twelverino【 】 got removed from the Team by Creator Team.TT Spark'Xie *BRT
caca changed name to Team KK
Team TT de la desh changed name to caca
Team.TT joined the Team
Team TT de la desh received 17th Place in the Paragon Elite Cup #85
Poros Twelve joined the Team
Poros Twelve left the Team
Poros Twelve joined the Team
TiD Xydyd joined the Team
רד/InCreaZ ÆχØD joined the Team
Team.TT Khas! joined the Team
Chez pas changed name to on a pas trouver
COLA COCA changed name to Chez pas
Team.TT MilanA joined the Team