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ρ.Schnooony Creator
ρ»ombo Luké  Admin
ρ.Jaииi" Player
WOLF - Xydrox Player
Queenρ Player
єlємєηтαяу! Player

Paragon Jailbreak 5v5 Cup #1 Place: 7

Cup Info
gimme a NAME bitch vs Paragon Jailbreak ɣ 0 : 2
CRUNk! vs Paragon Jailbreak ɣ 2 : 0
קภ๔ค vs Paragon Jailbreak ɣ 0 : 1
Paragon Jailbreak ɣ vs िט.Opale 0 : 1

Paragon Battle 5v5 Cup #1 Place: 9

Cup Info
Paragon Jailbreak ɣ vs -- Freewin
Paragon Jailbreak ɣ vs gimme a NAME bitch 0 : 1
DrC vs Paragon Jailbreak ɣ 1 : 0
ρ»XydroX got set to playing by Player Queenρ
ρ»XydroX got set to not playing by Player Queenρ
ρ.Reahx left the Team
ρ»ӻire XydroX joined the Team
ρ»Combo XeRoX joined the Team
ρ»Vєngєαncє |Jaииi" joined the Team
ρ.Reahx got set to not playing by Admin ρ»ӻire Lukαs
ρ»ӻire Lukαs gained the Admin status by Creator ρ»Έlegaηce Schnitzöööl
Paragon Battle received 9th Place in the Paragon Battle 5v5 Cup #1
ρ.Reahx joined the Team
ρ»Έlegaηce XtotheZ joined the Team
ρ»Έlegaηce єlємєηтαяy! joined the Team
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