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Qualifiers for the ManiaPlanet Cup 2016

As you have probably already heard there will be a big offline event in Paris with a Shootmania Elite and Trackmania tournament.

Paragon League will run the qualifiers for this tournament. 8 teams can participate in the Shootmania Elite tournament and we will run 4 qualification Cups to determine these teams. Each qualifier the winner and the 2nd place will qualify for the ManiaPlanet Cup, these qualified teams then are not allowed to particiate in any of the other qualification Cups.

Dates for the qualifiers:
ManiaPlanet Cup 2016 Qualifier #1 on Sept 30
ManiaPlanet Cup 2016 Qualifier #2 on Oct 1
ManiaPlanet Cup 2016 Qualifier #3 on Oct 7
ManiaPlanet Cup 2016 Qualifier #4 on Oct 8
all starting at 20:00 CET

The mappack you chose for the ManiaPlanet Cup will of course also be the mappack for the qualifiers.
Elite Mappack
ManiaPlanet Cup
The ManiaPlanet Shootmania Elite Cup will have a prize pool of 3.000€ and take place on November 5-7 in Paris.
Although, you will have to pay for your trip to the offline event yourself

1st place: 1500€
2nd place: 900€
3rd place: 600€

More Info
I hope many of you will fight for your spot at the ManiaPlanet Cup 2016 the next weeks,
good luck to you all

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The final World Cup mappack

The voting period is over, you made your choice and now we are proud to present you the results:

1. Chevalair: 57 Votes
2. Fallacy: 51 Votes
3. Wrath 2k16: 49 Votes
4. Hypno5e: 48 Votes
5. Rust: 47 Votes
6. Valley of the Dammed: 46 Votes
7. Versace: 37 Votes
8. Vestige: 37 Votes
9. SeaYou!: 36 Votes

These 9 maps will form the new Elite mappack for upcoming cups and the official mappack for the ManiaPlanet World Cup

Results of the maps that did not make it into the official mappack:
10. Bad Selection: 35 Votes
11. Arena of Doughty: 24 Votes
12. Terraforming: 24 Votes
13. Last Resistance: 23 Votes
14. WispeR: 19 Votes
15. Blocks Less: 16 Votes
16. f0r3st: 14 Votes
17. Ritual: 10 Votes
18. Thaism: 10 Votes
19. Cookie Isand: 9 Votes
20. N3rphave: 8 Votes
21. Grasslands: 7 Votes

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World Cup maps submission closed

The submission period for the upcoming World Cup is over. User from all parts of the Shootmania community submitted 35 maps in total, you can read about all of them here:

Whats next?
A team of judges is currently having a careful look at all of the maps and will present us every week in August with 9 maps .
Each 9 maps will be the mappack for one pratice and one normal Elite cup.

During this time there will an open poll where you can vote for the maps you liked most. The maps with the 9 most votes of this poll will be the mappack for the upcoming Wolrd Cup.

If you have any questions regarding this process you can visit us
on our Discord server:
or on out Teamspeak³ server ts3server://

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Submit your maps for the Elite World Cup mappack

Hi everyone,

As said in the Hello Planet #6, a Maniaplanet World Cup on Shootmania Elite and Trackmania 2 Stadium will take place at the end of the year around November. More information about the Final event will be unveiled later.

Here is the schedule:
Step 1: July / August : creating the maps and test them out
Step 2: From September : starting the online qualifier
Step 3: Around November: Grand Final

ParagonLeague will run the Elite online qualifier.
However all players having a talent (mapping, organization, running servers, testing maps, etc) or just liking doing things with the maniaplanet spirit are welcome to contact the Drakonia team and the Paragon team for joining the adventure.

How submitting your maps?

For Shootmania Elite:
1. Map criteria:
Name : MC - name of the map (without colors)
High compiled shadows
No unnecessary decorations
No flickering blockmixing
Normal Elite pole
2. Upload your map to ManiaExchange and post about them in the Paragon forums before Sunday 14th August at midnight here:
The maps will be played in August ParagonLeague Elite cups.

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Automated System

Benefit from our completely automated Cupsystem.

  • Join your match over the cuplobby
  • Use our automated veto system
  • Scores are automatically transmitted to the website
  • Manual veto
  • Finding an admin to tell the score
  • Finding a server to play

Easy Login

Simply connect with 2 clicks on ParagonLeague to your ManiaPlanet Account without providing any further information.


We save the statistics of every game and will provide them user-friendly for Teams/Cups and User
It's still Work in progress

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